2 thoughts on “December 2015 Forester

  1. Michelle

    By chance has Forest Park ever had a directory of homes with lights. The Forest park Festival of lights would be wonderful. Volunteers could stand at the entrances to the neighborhood and take donations since it would be impossible to charge for it. It’s just a thought. I plan on stopping at the DQ this weekend and drive around to see all the homes that have lights out. I even feel inspired to put out some lights myself.

    1. Mike Stone

      Hi Michelle,

      This is Mike Stone. I got my editor password to generate more activity on this site. I want to check to see if anyone responded to you. I was thinking about this type of idea for years now and would love to see it ramp itself back up to the time where I only visited the neighborhood (didn’t live here yet). Would you be interested in perhaps joining and working won some type of committee to celebrate this?

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