To join the Forest Park Civic Association, simply print out a Membership Form (below), complete it, and and mail to the Membership Coordinator — or you may give it to any F.P.C.A. representative (listed on the Contact F.P.C.A. page):

Alternatively, you may now join using PayPal. In that case you might choose to email a form or information.

Membership Coordinator
Forest Park Civic Association
P.O. Box 29160
Columbus, OH 43229-0160

Get in touch with our Membership Coordinator: join_fpca [at] fpcivic [dot] org
or contact info: Contact F.P.C.A.

Membership Forms

Volunteer Forms

Please complete a Volunteer Form (PDF), so that you can share some of your special talents and skill with your FPCA. You’ll be glad you did. It’s fun!

  • Volunteer Form (PDF), for mailing only — or scanning and emailing – or to bring with you to a meeting!

Business Membership Forms

New or renewing, please complete a Business Data Sheet. You may send via postal mail, or save completed form and email to our Business Membership Coordinator at: forester_ad [at] fpcivic [dot] org !

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