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General Information about FPCA

Join FPCA now without a stamp (online forms added)

We have now added online forms for you to join FPCA. Simple, and no stamps required.
Just start from the Join FPCA Page.

Or you can start at Join with PayPal. It will eventually return you to Join FPCA, where you can pick up the Membership Form and Volunteer Form.

Still, please support our postal service by sending a letter or card to a friend or family member with the stamp you saved!

Columbus Police seek feedback through Survey

Please take the time to control/click the link below and fill out our survey. It will only take just a couple of minutes.

Officer Scott Clinger
18 Precinct Community Liaison
Strategic Response Bureau
Columbus Division of Police
sclinger [at] columbuspolice [dot] org

Email spam schemes

In the past day or so, someone has sent an email to some members of our board and community acting as if they are our president Felix Quachey, asking the targets to purchase gift cards.

Hi …, Thanks for your response and sorry for disturbing your busy schedule. Here is what I want you to do for me and I’ll appreciate if it can be done today, Please I need you to get me 6 pieces of Amazon Gift cards of $400 face value each, that will amount to $2400 and I shall reimburse you on or before weekend. I’m sending the cards to some diligent members as surprise gift and I want this to be kept secret until they get their cards. I’ll appreciate your help on this. I need you to get the physical card, scratch the back out and take a picture of each of the cards, attach the pictures showing the pin and email it to me. I’ll appreciate you kind gesture on this. Do let me know if you can get this done in an hour.

Be advised that Felix will never send you such a solicitation. Should you receive something like this purporting to be from Felix – or any other person at FPCA, feel free to contact them at the phone number or email address listed on our web site Contact page, so they can confirm that fact. You may also like to inform Columbus Police.

Please always be alert to any email if the topic is questionable, the “from” address is unusual, or other clues in the header look strange. The header in the above sample has Felix supposedly writing from atlas.sehal [at] gmail [dot] com. (If one digs deeper, there are even more clues. That’s why legal authorities want to see the entire header and message.)

More information:

Feb 2019 FPCA Guests

I have just received confirmation that our stand in City Liaison Alfred Akainyah will be coming to speak to us at our meeting. He will be accompanied by Bruce Black and Nora Gerber from the Neighborhood Pride team. I am very interested in getting Forest Park selected for Neighborhood Pride! It would be a real statement of intent and truly show our civic association in action.

Feb 12, 2019 Meeting 7:00 p.m.


Be proud that Forest Park is the only known Columbus neighborhood to have a personal supplemental security program.  (As a portion of FPCA’s budget goes toward funding the patrols, your joining helps us to have even more patrols). Members can arrange personal home inspections when away on vacation by calling our Supplemental Security liaison person(s) – see Contact FPCA.