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General Information about FPCA

FPCA Senior Support – Face Protection – still have some!

We still have some masks available – fill out the form below!

If you are in need of receiving a COVID protective mask, please complete this form:

OSApostle [dot] com” subject=”Request Mask”]

Someone will get in touch to arrange for you to receive a gift from some of our neighborhood volunteers!

Vision Zero Columbus transportation safety initiative

This came out as my wife came home from riding her bike to the Karl Road Library, and was again reminded how people speed and do not heed (sharrows) on Karl Road. I put in my contribution. If you have concerns please do likewise!

Mayor Andrew J. Ginther in March announced a bold transportation safety initiative to work toward eliminating all traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries on the city’s transportation network.

Vision Zero Columbus makes protecting human lives the highest priority of our transportation system, while increasing safe, healthy and equitable mobility for all residents and visitors.

Your input is important and valued. Please go to the map at to mark locations where you have had a close call or think pose transportation safety risks. Take the survey on the website, too.

June 2020 Forester (it’s Membership month)

JUNE 2020 Forester
You membership mailing should be with this issue.
PLEASE NOTE (from Membership Coordinator Mike Stone:

Within the last few days, you should have received an envelope containing our June Forester and membership materials. If you have the means, it would be very helpful if you could return your membership as soon as conveniently possible.

Please note that a number of envelopes accidentally have incorrect data sheets. If you find a data sheet and the printed information is not yours, simply cross out the incorrect information and write yours to the side. You can also print off a fresh data sheet or use the online form, at Join FPCA, under Membership Forms. Very sorry for the inconvenience.