2024 Budget Meeting Minutes

2024 FPCA Budget Meeting

17 April 2024

Epworth United Methodist Church

Attendance: Ed Vanasdale (President), Trevor Secord (Vice President), Lou Bernard (Secretary), Cheryl Lutman (Treasurer), Daryl Van Mercetta (Supplemental Security), Mary Sguerra (Public Relations), Rita Woeste (Forester Editor), Andrea Philipsen (Social Committee), Laura Hayes (Welcome Committee), Scott Biggs (Website Administrator)

Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM

  1. Cheryl did a quick review of the budget and asked for questions or suggestions. 
  2. Laura needs money for printing for Welcome Committee
    1. There was $500 raised in 2023 for the Welcome Committee. That money was allocated to the WC for 2024.
    2. Thank you Mark Bell!
  3. Andrea has $500 to spend. If more money is needed, it could be allocated.
    1. National Night Out falls under the Social Committee and is not a separate line item in the budget. 
    2. Trevor will try to secure grant money to increase the FP involvement in NNO.
  4. Mary will be looking into finding someone to cut and maintain the grass at the 2 main island entrances off of Karl Rd. She will look into possible grants to help with the upkeep.
  5. Rita needs $100 for printing supplies for the Forester delivery. It was voted on and passed.
  6. By reallocating some funds, we are left with $641 in the black.
  7. Discussed giving possible discounts for year long ads taken out in the Forester. The Board decided the advertising price is reasonable enough (compared to other places where one could advertise) that discounts do not need to be given.
  8. A discussion was held about trying to find someone to write grants for the FPCA.
  9. The new budget was voted on and approved to be put forth before the members at the next meeting for a vote.

Meeting adjourned at 8:32 PM

To see new and revised 2024 budget CLICK HERE.

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