Teen Help (Work List)

The Teen Work List that formerly was in the Forester!

Currently “on vacation” … Would you like to revive it?

Residents in need of services can get help from local Forest Park Teens. Teens can make a little cash, while helping and getting to know neighbors in our community. Why pay some commercial service, when you can keep it local! Please see the “Rules of the Road” below.

Forest Park Teen Work Availability List

Name Phone Email Age FP East/West cut grass shovel snow yard work mother’s helper babysit animal sit odd jobs
Forest Parker (SAMPLE) 614-000-0000 info@fpcivic.org 13 E X X X X

“Rules of the Road”


  • are responsible for updating their contact and availability information. Please let Webmaster know as soon as you can if you change phone, email, job interests, etc.
  • Any provider of services who cannot be reached at provided email or phone number will be dropped from the listing.
  • Please report any situation where you are made to feel threatened or uncomfortable.


  • are requested to contact Webmaster should they encounter invalid contact info, or other issues.

See “Terms of Use” for the site in general.