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The Forester, the Forest Park community newsletter, is published monthly and distributed free of charge to approximately 3000 households in and around Forest Park. Look for it [now] delivered by Northland or Beechcroft H.S. STEM clubs around the first Sunday of each month [since The BAG proved too expensive and unreliable]. Copies are also available at the Karl Road branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library (5590 Karl Road) and at area businesses including Donatos Pizza and the Tamarack Circle Dairy Queen in Forest Park East and Sequoia Pro Bowl in Forest Park West.

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Looking Ahead for 2022

The start of a new year is always cause for hope and optimism. Here I share a few hopes and dreams for the coming year in Forest Park. You can add a few too.

  • We finally finished getting the 501c3 designation … Finally! … Really!! … Thus we become eligible to seek grants for community building and service activities. Your creative imagination and efforts will be a great help in such endeavors! We’ll also be able to get some 501c3 considerations that help us with another project: to move our technology infrastructure to association-owned accounts, to prevent catastrophe should Dave or yours truly suddenly no longer be available.
  • A break from the pandemic!!!! … I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the pandemic to at least move to an endemic, preferably to disappear in the rear-view mirror. Please do everything you can to encourage everyone you know to do their part: vaccinations, masks, vaccinations, etc.
  • A Crew Supporters’ Shield +PLUS+ MLS Cup annus mirabilis. (Let’s throw in advancement in the World Cup for the red, white and blue! … and maybe for a few other favorites.)
  • More marching bands in the Northland Independence Day parade: … Northland, Beechcroft, DeSales, .. more!!! … Maybe since we are the only traditional 4th of July parade in the City of Columbus, we can invite every Columbus City Schools high school. Private schools and near suburbs are welcome too. Let’s party!

Consider how YOU can be involved in making Forest Park an even BETTER place to live.

See you soon! It’s so good to be sharing a place we can all call HOME.
Your president, Scott Prigan.

If you’d like to submit preferences for ways to get involved, you can visit the F.P.C.A. Volunteer Form, or just get in touch: Contact F.P.C.A.

Light Up Forest Park

The fall color of autumn leaves is rapidly fading, and the grey dread of Winter is descending. … But fear not, for we are going to Light Up Forest Park!

Usually around Thanksgiving I join many of you in putting up lights and holiday decorations. Since I happen to be Christian, I actually look at the start of Advent (preparing for Christmas), and the end of Epiphany (season of “light” following Christmas), as the time for the lights to be up — also the darkest part of the year.

Hanging the lights can be a challenge, especially if the weather turns rude. I’m not going to climb the extension ladder to the peak on the front of the house if it’s icy. I’ll just grumble while I do when it’s merely cold.

At the beginning of November, I noticed lights were on at a neighbor’s house. “Oh boy! They are eager beavers,” I thought. Then I thought again. The light went on! … My neighbors have Nepali heritage; they are celebrating Diwali! … Oh boy, another good reason for lights in the dark months! (Perhaps I should consider putting the lights up even sooner, in honor of my neighbors?!)

Diwali is a festival of light celebrated by our neighbors whose heritage is from a variety of places in Asia. It comes in mid-October to mid-November, in accordance with the traditional calendar, timed by a new moon (Nov. 4 this year). Diwali celebrates “victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance.” Now that sounds worthy of celebration.

Enjoy the season of hanging lights, whether it be for Diwali, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, another holiday, or just plain enjoyment. I’ll also be enjoying your lights.

See you soon! It’s so good to be sharing a place we can all call HOME.

Your president, Scott Prigan.