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General Information about FPCA

ACA (Affordable Health Care Act) Enrollment until Dec 15

If you need health insurance, please know that the ACA (Affordable Health Care Act) Enrollment period is now open until Dec 15, 2018.

This is for full-fledged health insurance. Beware of the “Association Plans” recently being touted by some, as they have limited coverage, and may not cover you if you really get sick. ACA plans contain the full legally required benefits, and may be surprisingly affordable with the subsidies available to you.

For Local Help

FPCA July Guest Speaker – Chris Suel, City of Columbus Community Liaison​

You and your neighbors are invited to ​bring your code questions ​to the ​July Forest Park Civic Association Meeting on Tuesday, ​​​July 10 at 7.00 pm at Epworth United Methodist Church, 5100 Karl Road.

Guest Speaker ​​Chris Suel, City of Columbus Community Liaison​, will be with us for a discussion of all things code related!

Don’t forget the Forest Park Block Watch Meeting at 6.00 pm on ​​​July 10 , with Police Liaison Officer Scott Clinger​ and discussion about the update to the 72 hour parking changes.

Columbus Metro Bike Map (MORPC)

Have a bike, but don’t know where to go? The Columbus Metro Bike Map gives you a color-coded view of the user-friendliness of on-road bike facilities in the core of Central Ohio. The printed map also features safety tips, a one-sided view of the regional map, and a larger inset of the downtown/Ohio State University area.

How to Receive a Bike Map
The fifth edition of the Columbus Metro Bike Map is available online as a pdf and as an interactive map, at local bike shops, and public libraries. Fill out the form below to request a printed copy. A MORPC team member will respond as soon as possible. You can also email bikemaps [at] morpc [dot] org, or call 614-228-2663.

Limit one per person. Organizations and special event requests for more than one map will be reviewed.

Bike Map Request Form, PDF, or Interactive Map, may be found here:
Columbus Metro Bike Map

Door to Door Salespeople

Information on door to door salepeople from Columbus Police Liasion Officer Clinger

Now that spring has arrived, I find it necessary to discuss commercial sales in the neighborhoods. Many scams that we hear residents complain about start with the door to door salesman. Columbus City Code Chapter 523 mandates that all peddlers have a license. The license requires a background check and when it is issued it will have the person’s picture and expiration date. This license is required not only for products sold, but also for services offered to you.

Some of the exceptions to the license requirement include state and local governments, schools, civic groups, religious groups, and political groups.

Each vendor must have a valid picture Columbus issued I.D. card on the outermost clothing.

The times valid for soliciting are from 9AM to 8PM each day of the week. If you display a sign that states “no soliciting” then they are not allowed to enter your property or knock on your door.

Remember, if you choose to allow someone to do work at your home, never pay in advance! Always check with the state attorney general’s office to see if there have been any complaints filed.

If you have someone without a license at your door call (614) 645-4545, in addition please call the Columbus City License Section at (614) 645-8366.

Northland Community Shredding Day – May 12 2018 – ADD Prescription Drug Take Back

For the Northland Community Shredding Day – May 12 2018, there is also a Prescription Drug Take Back!

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office will set up a Prescription Drug Take Back station next to our Shredding Day site. Bring outdated, unneeded or unwanted prescription and over-the-counter medications to be safely disposed of, keeping them out of the water supply and preventing possible abuse. (You may also bring syringes/needles used for administering medications such as insulin. Please be sure they are in a container and be sure to advise the deputies there are needles contained in what you are dropping off.) This service is available only to the public — no medications will be accepted from doctors’ offices, veterinary offices, nursing homes, etc.

also note:
Fireproof Records Center has advised us that they will be securely collecting materials to be shredded at our Shredding Day event. At the end of the event the materials will be transported by locked truck to Fireproof’s certified, state of the art facility in Grove City to be shredded. The materials will not be shredded on-site, as Fireproof no longer operates mobile shredding trucks. More information on Fireproof’s certified shredding services can be found on their Web site at

Please remember to bring a food donation for Mid-Ohio Food Bank. Items such as boxed dry foods; canned meats, fruits and vegetables; cereals and mixes; and pasta and rice will be collected right on site. For more information on Mid-Ohio Foodbank, visit