AEP Phone Scam Alert

PHONE SCAM ALERT: Thieves are calling customers, telling them their power will be shut off if they don’t quickly make a payment over the phone. Before you pay, call AEP Ohio’s Customer Operations Center at 1-800-672-2231 to see if you have a payment due and to check the status of your account.

You also can check the balance of your account at

Ed. Note — this is the kind of thing that happens periodically, so it’s always good to practice discretion

Dear AEP Ohio Customer:

We are warning all of our customers of a payment scam being conducted via phone in various areas of our service territory. We continue to hear reports that customers are receiving calls threatening to shut off their power if they don’t make an immediate payment over the phone with a money card. This is a scam and people are using our name illegally. The people making these calls are not from AEP Ohio.

We work hard every day to make sure all of your interactions with AEP Ohio are positive. AEP Ohio enforces strict policies regarding customer interaction. Please remember:

  • We do not call customers to demand immediate payment.
  • We notify customers with delinquent accounts via their customer bill.
  • We contact non-responders via a recorded phone message to ask that the person responsible for the electric service call AEP Ohio.

If you doubt whom you are speaking to or the truth of what they are telling you, please hang up and call AEP Ohio at 1-800-672-2231.

In addition, please know that AEP Ohio employees work in marked vehicles, wear clothes with a company logo and will gladly show you company identification when asked. Again, if you are in doubt, please verify the legitimacy of the person’s employment by calling 1-800-672-2231.

We value our relationship with you and will continue to do our best to bring these types of situations to your attention. For more immediate AEP Ohio updates, please be sure to follow us on Twitter (@AEPOhio) and/or Facebook (


Karen L. Sloneker
AEP Ohio Director
Customer Services & Marketing