Forest Park Civic Association Meeting Minutes: April 9, 2023

Forest Park Civic Association Meeting

Date: 09 Apr 2023


President’s Report  Ed Vanasdale

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Attendance by Roll Call

Discussed the NCC Banquet, which will be held on April 20, 2023 to honor the volunteers of Forest Park and the surrounding neighborhoods.

 Stuffing of the May Forester will be held on April 22, 2023 at 1:30pm at Schoedinger Funeral Home. They have updated their hours so they are no longer open on Saturday but are opening specifically for the Civic Association. As usual, they will provide soft drinks, water, and cookies. The Civic Association will provide pizza for all the volunteers.

Beginning April 17, 2023, the north side of Karl Road at 161 will be closed for 90 days while the city does construction and installs a mini roundabout. 

Vice President’s Report Trevor Secord – Absent

Secretary’s Report  Lou Bernard – Absent

Katie Van Mercetta filled in and took attendance:

  1. Officers/Committee Chairs Present: EV, RW, MS, DVM, KVM, SL, SB, KG, DP
  2. Officers/Committee Chairs Absent: TS, CL, LB, SP (deceased), MB, AR, ER
  3. Area Reps in Attendance: 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 11, 12, 13
  4. Area Reps Absent: 1, 6, 7, 8, 10, 14 (area 14 remains vacant)
  5. We had two new area rep volunteers: 
    1. Suzanne Conway for Area 4
    2. Mark Bell for Area 13 

Total people in attendance: 28

Minutes from March were reviewed, approved, and voted into the official record.

Treasurer’s Report  Cheryl Lutman – Absent

1) Income for the month: $1,560.17

2) Expenses for the month:  $3,776.30

3) Above or below budget for the year:

4) Number of new members (households and businesses) for the month: 4 new household membership and 3 new business memberships

5) Any other notes of interest (i.e. committee chairs need to let you know about budget amounts needed):

Please see the Treasurer’s Report in the Forester. 

1)    It’s the year-end report.  We ended the year in the black, in terms of income vs expenses, but that was because we trimmed expenses.  The good news:

       4 new household memberships

       3 new business memberships – Circle Smoke Shop, Circle Drive Thru and Sequoia Pro-Bowl.

       The only unanticipated expense was the printing of the envelopes for the annual mailing.  That added $965 to our expenses for this year that should have been on next year.

       People are buying mulch!! 

2)  A Chart!!  I did a pie chart that showed what our expenses were – the largest expense is the Forester.  Followed by Security, then Membership and Beautification.  The “Other” category includes Office Expenses, Committees and the Garage Sale.  I hope this helps our members visualize where the money goes.  Having figured out how to do them in Office365 online (so I don’t have my full desktop Excel with all the fun options you get), I’m happy to create others, if you feel they’d be beneficial.  Let me know what you’d like to see!

Public Relations Report  Mary Sguerra

  1. Garage Sale: May 20, 2023
  2. Bowling Party at Sequoia Lanes: May 20, 2023 from 12pm – 3pm. 
  3. Gabby’s Night is Saturday, May 27, 2023 at 6:30pm
  4. Ads continue to come in so let us know if you or anyone you know wants a business membership.

We hope to see you at all the upcoming events!

Forester Editor’s Report  Rita Woeste

  1. Articles are due Friday, April 14, 2023.
  2. We have extra Foresters from April’s delivery so if there are any local businesses who want to showcase them, please let us know. 
  3. Columbus Square dropped their ad in the Forester so we have a spot to fill.
  4. The person who covers the east side of Karl is no longer available to deliver so volunteers are needed for about 40 in that area and area 13 still does not have a deliverer. Please reach out if interested.
  5. Someone claimed the lucky ticket in Forester Park East so they will be receiving a gift card. No one has come forward from Forest Park West yet.
  6. If any changes are needed to the contacts listed in the Forester, please email

Supplemental Security Report  Daryl Van Mercetta, Katie Van Mercetta Dan Yandrich (CPD Liaison Officer)

  1. There have been no house checks in the past month but they’re expected to pick up next month.
  2. We are researching security companies to shop around for pricing and coverage and more information will be forthcoming. 
  3. No report from Officer Yandrich

Business Representative Marty Biggs – Absent; Sheridan Landin; Alan Ray  – Absent

  1. Our business reps have been talking to CalFit, the YMCA, and 20th Century Care Center as potential new business members.


Welcome Committee Chair  Ellin Ray – Absent

No report

Volunteer Coordinator  Scott Biggs

  1. The Mulch Sale is going well with 176 total orders to date totaling $2,245.00 worth of mulch sold and $898 revenue for the Civic Association. We still have 2 weeks left to order; April 23rd is the last day.
  2. We are looking for volunteers for the mulch delivery on May 6, 2023 from 9am – noon. 
  3. Welcome to our new volunteers!
  1. Suzanne Conway is volunteering for Area 4 in Forest Park West
  2. Mark Bell is volunteering for Area 13 in Forest Park East
  3. Andrea Philipsen is volunteering to be our new Social Committee Chair

Social Activities Report  

  1. Andrea Philipsen volunteered and was voted in as our new Committee Chair.
  2. She is a Columbus native and is moving from Westerville to Forest Park next month. She was a social chair for her neighborhood and organized social events for her neighborhood and friend group totaling 40+ per year and about 8-10 for her old neighborhood. She looks forward to bringing her connections, experience, and enthusiasm to Forest Park and is open to any ideas or feedback from the neighborhood. 

Welcome to the Forest Park Civic Association!

NCC Representative  Ken Gilbert

  1. We have several liaisons moving on, including our liaison Alfred.
  2. There is an upcoming NCC banquet on April 20, 2023 and more information can be found on the NCC’s website.
  3. The NCC is looking for a Parade Committee from each neighborhood to help organize.
  4. The next meeting is going to be held April 15, 2023 at Epworth Church and will be available remotely via Zoom. More information can be found on NCC’s website.

Please see the article from Ken Gilbert for more information.

NCC Development Representative Ed Vanasdale

The co-chairs are Dave Paul and Bill Logan (from Woodland Park Civic Association). They discussed five cases:

  1. Hamilton Road – there is a laser tag facility that they are wanting to turn into a basketball and pickleball court.
  2. 1289 East Dublin-Granville Road: aka the old Red Carpet Inn – they asked for a counsel variance to operate as a residential care facility under the conditions that they have to meet the building codes and they are the only company allowed to operate as such in this location (so the zoning will remain as a hotel/motel and cannot be converted to residential living).
  3. Caprese Bowling Alley – the National Church Residence purchased it and wants to create a 5 story building housing 145 units. This was approved but cannot exceed 145 units.
  4. An Automobile Repair shop on Karl: located at Morse and Karl – requested the ability to add storage containers. The matter was tabled for future discussion as the shop had been written up for several violations, including too many unregistered vehicles, too much debris, and not maintaining a 20 foot clearance around the property.
  5. 2400 East Dublin-Granville Road – it’s a hookah bar that requested to classify a food truck as a “portable shed” so it could remain in front of the establishment. The board recommended disapproval.

Website Administrator  Scott Biggs  Dave Paul  

Please check it out! Lots of good info.

  1. Forms have been added and updated so they can be easily exported for various needs.
  2. Events have been updated – check out the site for more information!

New Business/Announcements/Ideas  

  1. The City is currently under a court order to replace handicap ramps because the ramps they installed a few years ago are not up to code so construction will be occurring in our neighborhood.
  2. The YMCA purchased the neighboring Karl Road Christian Church property. The intentions behind the acquisition are unknown and no zoning actions have been taken.
  3. Laura proposed a running/walking club and will provide more information for the Forester.
  4. Ed discussed having the following guests attend a future meeting:
    1. AEP: recent power outages
    2. Department of Public Service: recent removal/addition to trees in the hellstrip
    3. Department of Forestry
    4. Food Waste Recycling Program Representative

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.

Minutes submitted by Katie VanMercetta (a big thank you from Lou Bernard)