Forest Park Civic Association Meeting Minutes: March 8, 2022

Forest Park Civic Association Meeting

Date: 8 March 2022

Location: Epworth United Methodist Church and Zoom

Meeting called to order @ 7:00 PM by Scott Prigan

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Attendance was taken via roll call/Zoom Participant List.


President’s Report   Scott Prigan –

1) We would surely welcome a great VP! Ken Gilbert volunteered to assume the position until the end of the year.

2) COVID improvements: we will primarily in-person by April or May (but will still Zoom or stream meetings).

3) Outreach Day / Membership drive is coming up. More on that later S. Biggs.

4) Northland Community Council Volunteer Awards Banquet on Thursday, April 28 2022 at 06:30 PM – our  honorees: Lou Bernard and Daryl Van Mercetta. The Forester is up for a publication award, thanks to editor Rita Woeste and all the contributors and distributors

Vice President’s Report  No Report – Ken Gilbert is volunteering to take on the position until we get a replacement.

Secretary’s Report Lou Bernard –

  1. Attendance:
  • Officers/Committee Chairs Present: SP, LB, CL,, DVM, KVM, SL, AR, ER, SB, MS, LK-B,KG, EV, DP 
  • Officers/Committee Chairs Absent: FQ, MS, RW
  • Area Reps in Attendance: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12
  • Area Reps Absent: 3, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14 (Areas 3, 13, and 14 remain vacant )
  • 32 people in attendance (17 in person, 15 on Zoom)

2) February minutes were reviewed and approved.

Treasurer’s Report  Cheryl Lutman –

1) 4 household memberships and 1new business membership

2) We had budgeted for a total of $26,414 in income through February, 2022. Our actual income for that time period is $24,847.32. Memberships are lagging by about $2,000 (or about  80 households ($2,000/$25 = 80). Expenses year to date are $24,471.71. We had budgeted for $25,053.33, so we are holding expenses down. If we continue to keep our expenses in check, we should finish the year without having to dip into our reserves.

3) In looking to 2022-23, I am planning a budget that looks very similar to last year’s. I budgeted $795 for social activities and $200 for the parade, based on data I found in prior year files. If anyone else wants to have input on the budget, now is the time to speak up! Specifically: 1) Beautification – $275 was budgeted last year, $150 was spent, 2) Welcome Committee – $300 was budgeted, $497.51 was spent (majority was new folders) and 3) Forrester – Printing is $985/month.

Public Relations Report Mary Sguerra –  – Absent

Saturday, May 21st for the Garage Sale this spring.

Forester Editor’s Report  Rita Woeste – – Absent

Forester deadline for April issue is: March 17th. The deadline for the May issue is April 14th. We are still looking for articles all of the time. If you have a specialty or interest, start a monthly column!

Supplemental Security Report  Daryl Van Mercetta –

  Katie Van Mercetta – 

1) Residents have emailed Daryl thanking the FPCA for the security checks on their property when they have been away.

2) A few calls about cars being illegally parked. Remember to call 311 or the police non-emergency number.

3) Hoping to get confirmation from Columbus Police Liaison Officer that the after hours club at the old Elks Club near the Sandalwood Market is permanently closed.

4) It was mentioned by a person present that they are noticing the supplemental security officers driving around in the neighborhood.

5) The shooting at Rooster’s was a targeted shooting. The police have a suspect.

Business Representative  Sheridan Landin – 

    Alan Ray – – No Report


Welcome Committee Chair Ellin Ray – 

Continuing to put Welcome folders together. Next month she will have the folders for the Reps to passed out. She will also be ordering more folders.

Volunteer Coordinator Scott Biggs –

1) Thanks to all the volunteers who are helping us right now. 

2) Scott is constantly recruiting volunteers. He may be contacting you soon! Lol  We are looking for a Forester Delivery Coordinator. We are always looking for people to write articles for the newsletter.

Social Activities Report Liz Kengeter-Bash – – No Report

NCC Representative  Ken Gilbert –

1) Mail theft is on the rise. Please don’t put mail in outside mailboxes–take your mail into the post office. You might want to sign up for Informed Delivery by USPS. Digitally preview your mail and manage your packages scheduled to arrive soon! 

2) Sarah Pomeroy is continuing to work on the hotel problems in our area.

3) Columbus Libraries have reopened on Sundays to pre-pandemic hours.

4) There is a new 311 system coming to Columbus.

5) City Council will be in the northland area for their July meeting.

6) The auditor’s office came to the meeting and suggested that people go online to their website and check out their property records just to make sure everything is correct. Some illegal transfers have been attempted recently.

7) The 4th of July Parade is happening this year –, as well as the NCC Awards Banquet in April.

NCC Development Representative Ed Vanasdale – 

       Dave Paul – 

1) There were 7 cases, a few were pertinent to the FPCA area: 1) Sinclair Rd:an apartment community wants to build 94 units on 3 parcels of property. It was rejected. 2) There were a few signage cases coming up. Most were approved with little problems. 

2) National Church Residence has purchased the old Capri Lanes with plans to build a senior housing center. 3) The old Carfagna’s was purchased by La Michoacana Super Market and will become The Toro Meat Market.

Website Administrator Scott Prigan – is the site. Check it out for updates.

Old Business


New Business/Announcements/Ideas

1) We are always open to receiving new ideas to make Forest Park a better place. Please email or call us with your ideas and comments. Or better yet, attend our April meeting–it will be in person.

2) The roundabouts planned for Maple Canyon are planned to be installed in 2023.

Meeting adjourned at 8:23 PM

Minutes submitted by Lou Bernard, Secretary