Forest Park Civic Association Meeting Minutes: October 13, 2020

Forest Park Civic Association Meeting

Meeting Date: 13 October  2020 (via ZOOM)


President’s Report   Felix Quachey –

  1. 7:02 PM Meeting called to order. Pledge of Allegiance was said.
  2. Update from Sarah Pomeroy, city attorney, on Hedgewood. The court date was set in Sept. At this point, the owner and city have agreed to keep the property closed for the next couple of months. Working on the final draft of what the nuisance property agreement to be filed with the court will look like. The owners are doing their best to cooperate with the city.
  3. George Schmidt brought up issues of the deteriorating FP street signs and replacing them. The city doesn’t provide signs, we are looking into costs for signs. Ed VanA. did a complete drive of FWE/FPW, 10 streets tie into the neighborhood, but only 5 signs-all are damaged. Some are missing. All signs are weather damaged in some way. Maybe would be a good time to redesign. Should a sign be placed at every street coming into the neighborhood? 
  4. Police Liaison Officer:Officer Scott Clinger: Major issues: 1) Arborwood-homicide, 3 people shot, 1 died. In the apartments.  2) The Beechcroft  Newsstand-a robbery, the person behind the desk was armed. It was a shootout. One robber was killed, and the clerk was hurt. An arrest warrant was put out for the other robber. 3) Hotel update: Norwood Inn and Suites, they appear to be doing all they are asked to do. The Red Roof Inn is very problematic. Prostitiution and other issues. The city is getting ready to file charges on them. We have no idea what is going on with the hotel that was holding the COVID+ people; the parking lot is empty. There is security inside, but there is no one staying there.

Vice President’s Report  Scott Prigan –

  1. Still working on 501(c)(3) project. Form 1023 is ready to go! Need EIN first–waiting for it to be issued.

Secretary’s Report  Lou Bernard –

  1. Attendance will be taken via Participant’s List.
    1. Officers and Committee Chairs in Attendance: FQ, SP, DH, LB, RW, MS, DVM, KVM, EV, AR, ER, MS, and SL. 
    2. Area Representatives in attendance: 9, 11, 12
    3. Area Representatives Absent: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10,13, 14
  2. Minutes from last month have been approved.
  3. Over 25 people showed for this month’s Zoom meeting. Thanks to all who attended.

Treasurer’s Report  Dan Hartzell –

  1. $775+ for membership, 1 business membership 
  2. $18.29 net income for the month–we have passed our membership from last year by 1!  More memberships have come in, and are in the process of being recorded.
  3. We are currently very close to breaking even, just a little under budget.
  4. The budget was accepted and passed. See budget in this month’s Forester

Public Relations Officer’s Report  Mary Sguerra –

  1. Rec’d phone calls from Hazelwood. Work trailers in the street. Suggested that they call 311. Mary drove by to check it out. No laws or code being broken.
  2. Another call about a house that was using old tires as planters. She let them know that this is not a FPCA issue, and they are allowed to decorate that way if they want. 
  3. Beggar’s Night-Oct.29, 6-8 pm. The FPCA is not having any events for the Halloween holiday due to COVID-19.
  4. The Karl Rd. Library is open for browsing and getting books. – Ken Gilbert

Forester Editor’s Report   Rita Woeste –

  1. Deadline for the Forester is the 15th. Nov. deadline is 13th (for the Dec. Forester)
  2. David Laughlin reports-We have new deliverers. Yay! Thanks for stepping up.
  3. We have only 100 extra copies of the Forester. If you know of places that could use copies, please contact Rita

Supplemental Security Officer’s Report  Daryl Van Mercetta –, Katie Van Mercetta – 

  1. Officer Clinger covered most of it.
  2. There were a few home checks by the Supp. Security, and all homes have been safe and secure.
  3. Don’t call the Supp.Sec. company if you see problems. Call the Police! Please talk to your neighbors first if you feel safe, maybe you can work it out first!


Business Representative’s Report  Sheridan Landin – , Alan Ray –

  1. One new business membership–Smoke Outlet on Dublin-Granville Rd.
  2. Sheridan is continuing to go up and down 161. He has made 15 new contacts, he is trying to push them to join.

Welcome Committee Chair’s Report  Ellin Ray –

  1. Not going door to door until this pandemic is over. When the pandemic is over, we will have lots of welcome folders to deliver!

Volunteer Coordinator’s Report  Mike Stone –

  1. Area 3 Rep–Ryan Finkey will step into the role.
  2. Fran Ryan, The Village, is distributing flashlights to seniors during the potential upcoming bad weather. Look for info from Mike in the Forester.
  3. We have been getting volunteers that are interested in helping in beautification!
  4. We are still planning on a door hanging membership update in the next month.
  5. Dave Paul will get a membership list to Mike very soon of the people who have joined in the past, but haven’t yet.

Social Activities Chair’s Report  Pam Weaver – 

  1. There is nothing currently being planned since we are in the middle of the pandemic.
  2. Beggar’s Night-Oct.29, 6-8 pm. The FPCA is not having any events for the Halloween holiday.

NCC Representative’s Report  Scott Prigan –

  1. Karl Road Library is a polling place, thus closed election day. Otherwise some browsing allowed, etc 
  2. Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission Trail Project — a BIG DEAL was shared. eventually bikeways from Hamilton Rd to Antrim Lake etc. NCC gave a letter of support to the project!

NCC Development Representative’s Report  Ed Vanasdale –

  1. Case 1) A convenience store/fast food/fuel–out by Hamilton Rd. – NCC rec. Approval
  2. Case 2) Did not approve a multifamily housing unit 
  3. Case 3) Sheetz is scheduled to be built at old Walgreens across from old Giant Eagle,975 E. Dublin-Granville Rd.
  4. Case 4) Recommended to approve a multi-family housing unit on Maple Canyon.
  5. Case 5) Recommended to approve Nat’l Church Residence senior housing unit to be built in Salem Village.
  6. Case 6) Recommended to approve the height change of a detached garage on the Hardman property

Website Administrator’ Report  Scott Prigan – – No Report

Old Business  Felix Quachey –

New Business  Felix Quachey –

  1. Looking for people to join a committee/team to work on the sign project: Ed VA, Felix Q, Daryl VM,and Lou B.
  2. Tim & Lisa Dove – Beautification Award Winner – on Lindenwood have trains in the backyard. Look for a sign in the front yard when it’s fine to come and visit! Look on Facebook for notices as well! 

8:30 Meeting Adjourned

Submitted by Lou Bernard, FPCA Secretary