Forest Park Civic Association Meeting Minutes: September 12, 2023

Forest Park Civic Association Meeting

Forest Park Civic Association Meeting

Date: 12 Sep 2023

Location: Epworth United Methodist Church

Meeting called to order @ 7:02PM by Ed Vanasdale 

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Attendance was taken via role call.


President Ed Vanasdale – No Report

Guest Speaker:  Devin Deal : Neighborhood Liaison  (614) 645-7964

Devin was hired 2 months ago replacing Alfred Akainyah.

  1. Goal is to support the area civic associations, and escalate the concerns that people have. He will help us find the right people in order to solve local problems.
  2. A neighbor had a concern about the excessive speed on Sandalwood Ave. He wanted info about how to get speed bumps installed. Devin’s suggestion is first we need to submit 311 about speeding on Sandalwood, Satinwood, etc. Start taking note of time when speeding is most prevalent. A traffic calming committee will be established to draft a letter and get signatures to petition the city.
  3. A neighbor had a concern about the area surrounding the old pool behind Sequoia Bowl. Devin will drive by and take a look at the property. He will see if there is a possibility to get the organization who owns the property connected with organizations for cleaning up the property.
  4. A neighbor was concerned about the amount of vandalism happening in FP. Devin will be coming back with people from the City of Columbus to hear concerns.
  5. A neighbor had a concern about the lack of green space that has been removed due to the roundabout project along Rt. 161. Devin will follow up with the neighbor.

Vice President Trevor Secord – Absent  No Report

Secretary Lou Bernard –

  1. Attendance:
  • Officers/Committee Chairs Present: EV, LB, CL, MS, RW, DVM, KVM, SL, LH, AP, KG, DP
  • Officers/Committee Chairs Absent: TS, MB, SB
  • Area Reps in Attendance: 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, 12, 13
  • Area Reps Absent: 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 14 (Area 14 remains vacant)
  • Total meeting attendance: 23
  1. Reviewed minutes from July, no changes or corrections needed, minutes have been approved and were entered into the official records.

Treasurer Cheryl Lutman –

  1. 24 new household memberships, 1 new business membership.  It came in through Hadler Companies.  They also requested we continue their ad with no changes. We continue to receive contributions toward our other function areas.
  2. Primary expenses were the Forester printing, security patrols and the cost of mowing the islands.
  3. Cheryl is working with the advertising chair to provide an update on outstanding advertising invoices. She will amend this report with that detail later this week. 

Public Relations Mary Sguerra –

We have the Fall Garage Sale this Saturday and the Bowling Outing on Sunday.

Forester Editor Rita Woeste –

  1. Needed money to buy bags for the Forester. Money was approved.
  2. Articles by this Friday, Sept. 15th. 
  3. We need one extra delivery person for 3 months. Please contact Rita.

Supplemental Security Daryl Van Mercetta –, 

Katie Van Mercetta –, 

Dan Yandrich (CPD Liaison Officer) – 614.645.1418

See report in the Forester.

Business Representative Marty Biggs –  Absent,  Sheridan Landon –  No Report


Welcome Committee Chair Laura Hayes –

  1. Hello! I am excited to be the newest member of the Forest Park Civic Association! I want to thank the previous chair – Ellin Ray – for all of her hard work and many years of support to the community. 
  2. This month we stuffed 50 welcome folders! They should be ready to get delivered by all area reps in the very near future. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. 

Volunteer Coordinator Scott Biggs – Absent

  1. I staffed the FPCA table at the YMCA Food Truck in August with Andrea Philipsen. No new memberships, but we spoke to several people who were already members and handed out info on home property valuations and the 311 service.
  2. I delivered extra Foresters to businesses (Donato’s, Gabby’s, Library, YMCA, Sequoia Pro Bowl, Epworth United, etc.) and have started dropping off newsletters to Prince Pizza in Tamarack Circle for their customers. The Manager was very friendly and receptive to future advertising in the Forester. All businesses are always happy to get the newsletters and have remarked often about how people ask for them.
  3. I have started promoting a new FPCA Membership campaign called “Be a Part of the Park!” to run from September through December to increase memberships and volunteers. The campaign features photos of diverse people to show that everyone is welcome. Andrea has shared some good photos of residents at events that I will work into the campaign. Samples are on the website and our Facebook page and on the vinyl membership sign with a QR code to our website (color version will replace the black and white poster soon). I also submitted a half page ad to Rita for the next Forester if she has space.
  4. Website and Facebook updates continue weekly with upcoming events. Andrea Philipsen has joined the Facebook team and has added upcoming events as Facebook events so residents can save the events as reminders. We will promote this weekend’s Garage Sale and Bowling events. 
  5. Questions and comments on Facebook about street lights continue to appear. I replied with an explanation and invited all interested parties to attend meetings for more info on this topic, especially tonight’s meeting with Devin. We may want to print an article/update about this in the next Forester from Ed or someone who knows more details.
  6. I printed 200 Membership/Volunteer sheets for the new Welcome packets and delivered them to Laura. Many thanks to Laura and the volunteers who initiated and facilitated the new Welcome Packets!

Social Activities Andrea Philipsen –

Planning lots of events. Look for an infographic in this month’s Forester.

NCC Representatives Ken Gilbert –  Trevor Secord – Absent

See report in the Forester.

NCC Development Representative Ed Vanasdale –

3 cases were heard. None were in the immediate Forest Park neighborhood and were of little concern for its residents.

Website Administrators Scott Biggs – Absent, Dave Paul –  

Our website is always – always being updated with new and upcoming info! Please check it out!!


Mark Bell (Area 13 Rep) offered to match any collected funds to help restart the Welcome Folders. $250 was collected from members, and matching funds were met. Some Welcome Folders were found, more will be purchased with these new funds. The money collected will also be used to cover printing costs for the items in the folder. Thank you Mr. Bell!


We are looking for 3 or 4 people to form a committee concerning having speed bumps installed on the streets of Forest Park. If you are interested, submit your name to the secretary, Lou Bernard,, and he will get your info to the appropriate people.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 PM

Meeting minutes submitted by Lou Bernard, Secretary, FPCA