Forester is delivered in “The Bag” – procedure for Bag delivery problems

NOTE: For now The Forester is being delivered by Northland or Beechcroft H.S. STEM clubs around the first Sunday of each month [since The BAG proved too expensive and unreliable]. — August 2016

OLD procedure:

Ed Vanasdale, our current President, discovered the following to help us deal with delivery problems for the Forester, This Week Northland News, as well as “the Bag:”
Time: The Bag is to be delivered every week between Sunday noon to Monday noon.
Location: If your mail box is at your front door, it is to be delivered at your front door. (It is not to be dumped at the end of your driveway.)

  • The Forester is in The Bag on the 1st Sunday of every month.
  • The This Week Northland News is to be delivered every Thursday by 6 pm., to the same location as The Bag.

If you do not receive the Bag, or appropriate timely contents (or it is not where it should be delivered), please contact (one or more of) the following people at the Dispatch each time there is a problem. [email all three]

Robin Dygart
Field Logistics Operations Manager
740.548.0821 [call]

Aaron Jones
Distribution Center Manager
614.774.7853 [call]

Courtney Thompson
District Manager
614.493.1546 [call]

Thank you for cooperation in this matter.
(Addresses above confirmed as these people visited our June 2015 meeting)