Forest Park Civic Association Meeting Minutes: September 8, 2020

Forest Park Civic Association Meeting

8 Sept 2020 – Online Zoom Meeting (21 people on Zoom call. Thanks to all who attended.)

Meeting called to order and Pledge of Allegiance opened the meeting @ 7:00 PM by Scott Prigan

Roll Call: Taken by Lou Bernard  –

Attendance: Officers and Committee Chairs in Attendance: SP, DH, LB, RW, DVM, KVM, MS, EV, SL, AR, MS, ER

Officers and Committee Chairs Absent: FQ, PW

Area Representatives in attendance: 3, 11

Area Representatives Absent: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14

Officer’s Reports

President’s Report: Felix Quachey – – Absent

  1. Felix was on vacation, so Vice President Scott Prigan ran the meeting.

Vice President’s Report: Scott Prigan  –

  1. Still working on the 501(c)(3). This should be submitted to the fed’l gov’t very soon. We then have to wait for them to approve it.

Secretary’s Report: Lou Bernard –

  1. Minutes from last month’s meeting are approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Dan Hartzell –

  1. Dan went through line items on the budget, check it out in The Forester to see last month and the year to date. We are under budget again. Feel free to review this in this  issue. We are still under budget, but this is mostly due to not having to publish the Forester a few times earlier in the year.
  2. FPCA is down 17 memberships year to date, 60 for the year. If you haven’t submitted your membership payment, please help us out. It’s EASY, got the website and you can use PayPal.

  3. The report and budget was accepted and passed.

Public Relations Officer’s Report: Mary Sguerra – 

  1. There is a neighbor on Pine Knoll who is reporting that a person on their street has a military vehicle that is parked in the driveway. The person comes to start it up and it is very loud. They wanted to know what can be done about this. Mary is going to check it out, but unfortunately there is not much that can be done, because it is on the owner’s property. Mary suggested calling 311 to the caller.
  2. Mary received a thank you’s from T. Dove and A. Hunt, winners of one of the Beautification Awards.

The Forester Editor’s Report: Rita Woeste  –

  1. Everything went out on time for August. David McLaughlin may need more supplies (therefore more money from the Treasurer). We are still looking for volunteers to deliver, esp. FP East.

   2. We have had nice articles from lots of new people. Keep them coming.

  1. September due date for October articles: September 17th, delivery on the 25th!! Oct. articles are due to Rita by 10/15.
  2. We are still looking for more volunteers to stuff and deliver Foresters. Please contact Rita if you can help.

Supplemental Security Officer’s Report: Daryl and Katie Van Marcetta  – 

  1. There have been calls made to Daryl based on the military vehicle and other parked cars in the street. They have been reported to 311 and to the Supplemental Security. It is difficult for us to do anything. If people move the cars after the tires have been marked, there is nothing that can be done. We will look into whether it is a commercial vehicle. If it is a personal vehicle, there is not much we can do. We are sorry. 
  2. Daryl is asking for money to increase the number of security patrols on the weekends as we are approaching winter. It would cost an extra $125/mo. The Board will look into whether this is feasible or not.

Committee Reports

Business Representative’s Report: Sheridan Landin – | Alan Ray –

  1. Sheridan has been visiting businesses along 161, dropping off Foresters and business member applications hoping to drum up advertisers. Keep up the good work, Sheridan!

Social Activities Committee Chair’s Report: Pam Weaver – – Absent – No Report

Welcome Committee Chair’s Report: Ellin Ray – – No Report, she is not visiting households during the Covid pandemic.  

Volunteer Coordinator/Membership Committee Chair’s Report: Mike Stone – 

  1. Mike is going to cross check all people who have submitted memberships, and then do a door drop to people who have not signed up yet. Looking for volunteers to help. He would like to have this completed in the first week in October.
  2. Thanks to all those participated in the Beautification Awards, lots of nominations! It was great to get out and meet the people who were winners! They met the winners! Everyone was so excited to win, and were very appreciative. 
  3. Neighbors who were at the meeting via Zoom got to introduce themselves.

Northland Community Council Dvpt. Committee Representative’s Report: Ed Vanasdale – | Dave Paul –

  1. There were questions about the storage facility in the old Giant Eagle on 161: are they storing too many vehicles on their lot? The answer is “no”, those vehicles are used by the facility’s customers to move their things too and from the facility. The organization as been doing a very good job complying with all of the rules that were established.
  2. There was a meeting, 2 cases. 2410 Stimple Ave, has hired atty. to help out, since they were denied last month. The other cases were tabled as well. 3rd case was looking to put a Sheetz gas station in the old Walgreen’s across from the old Giant Eagle. The city is planning to re-route Roche Dr., behind the auto parts store and the old Walgreen’s. It doesn’t seem to be a problem.
  3. Library construction is progressing. A resident on FB wants to know what is happening with the old property. There are conceptual plans, but nothing specific is progressing. Contact the NCC to find out more.
  4. The city is still working on the Hedgewood property. The city can’t locate the owners, but they are continuing to move forward with the cases against the property.
  5. Maple Canyon Nat’l Church Residence property is underway. Groundbreaking recently.

Northland Community Council Representative’s Report: Scott Prigan  – – No Report

Website Administrator’s Report: Scott Prigan  – – Please check out the website and subscribe. That is where all the official info comes out first.

Old Business 

  1. Sympathy card for the family of the FP resident who passed away in the fire on Tamarack Blvd. Approved. It is believed that Felix took care of this. He will be asked. 
  2. FPCA sign on Maple Canyon needs replacing. Ed V. will contact Mary S. to the extra sign she has, and he and Lou B. will replace the one on Maple Canyon.

New Business

  1. Long time member and area rep. Eric Kreig will be leaving the neighborhood and moving to a downtown apartment. Good luck on the move we will miss you. Go Blue Jackets!
  2. Shout out to Bonnie F. for the great work keeping people informed on the Nextdoor App. Thanks for your activism!
  3. Remember that many of the panhandlers are coming from the homeless hotel that is housing Covid positive people. Be careful if you are donating to them.

8:19 pm Meeting Adjourned

Submitted by Lou Bernard, FPCA Secretary