Front Window Easter Egg Hunt

from Pam Weaver (as seen in April 2020 Forester)
— Forest Park Social (Distancing) Activities Committee

A Little Fun For Everyone…

As a mom of two very active boys, ages 7 and 9, I have to admit that things can get a little tense sometimes being cooped up inside all day with homeschooling. In March, some residents suggested on our neighborhood Facebook page that we all get out and do a “Shamrock Hunt” throughout the neighborhood – the Social-Distancing version of a shamrock hunt that is. Many residents joined in the fun by printing and coloring pictures of shamrocks and then hanging them in their front windows. Neighborhood children and adults then went out on daily walks and had a good time “hunting” for new colored shamrocks in the windows of their neighbors. My boys and I had a great time going on walks ourselves! We tried new routes each time and discovered quite a few beautifully colored shamrocks.

Well, lets keep the fun going! For April, I’d like to encourage our residents to join in on the Forest Park Front Window Easter Egg Hunt! Create a paper Easter egg of your own, then paint it, color it, glue construction paper to it – get as creative as you want – but make it bright and visible from the sidewalk. Even if you don’t have children, join in by going out for a walk and enjoying all the gorgeous window eggs, or you can even put up a window egg of your own to brighten up someone else’s day. Feel free to use the blank egg template in this issue of The Forester. I’m looking forward to a beautiful April!

See the egg to color in April 2020 Forester! – see page 10!