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Fourth of July Parade Photos

Thanks to all the Forest Park residents who turned out for this year's Northland Fourth of July Parade, produced by the Northland Community Council! 
Click here for a photo gallery of pictures from the 2007 parade.
More than 50 local civic associations, businesses and organizations participated in the parade, including Mayor Michael Coleman, City Council members Michael Mentel, Hearcel Craig and Andy Ginther, State Representative Kevin Bacon, the Northland High School Marching Band and our very own contingent of Bikes & Trikes! Thanks to everyone who joined us to show that Forest Park is Community! 

Route 161 Cleanup

periodic Cleanup Days on SR-161 (East Dublin Granville Road) from 9 am to noon! Help us remove trash and debris from the shoulders, culverts and median of SR-161 to improve its appearance and to prevent these materials from being shredded during mowing activities on the corridor this summer. Check News and Calendar for information on the next event!

Membership Drive

The FPCA Membership Drive happens every April to July. Look for your membership packet in the mail. Please return your Household Data Sheet and your $25 annual dues to join for the current membership year, which begins July 1. Please Volunteer Sheet on the back of your Data Sheet and the enclosed list describing our volunteer positions, and let us know of any activities or positions that interest you.
If you have any questions about the Association or membership, please Contact FPCA

Northland Community Shredding Day

Northland Community Shredding Day, sponsored by the Northland Community Council, are held periodically … follow News for the next one!

Fourth of July Parade

Beginning in the Spring, the Northland Community Council begins preparations for the Northland Fourth of July Parade! Follow News to earn the theme for the year. Starting near Morse Road and traveling north on Karl Road through Forest Park, the Parade begins at 11:00 am on July 4.
Kids in Forest Park are invited to participate in the Bikes & Trikes segment of the Parade from Woodward Park to Sandalwood Place, including judging for prizes for best-decorated bicycle or tricycle in several categories.
For more information or to volunteer as a judge, contact FPCA.

Homestead Exemption

Are you 65 or older and/or permanently disabled, depending upon your federal Adjusted Gross Income, you may qualify to save significantly on your annual property taxes by reducing the taxable value of your property under the Franklin County Homestead Exemption program.
For information, see Homestead Information.

Parking of Commercial, Junk or Disabled Vehicles

We often receive questions about parking of commercial vehicles in Forest Park, as well as parking of disabled or “junk” vehicles on the street or in residents’ driveways.
Columbus City Code, Chapter 2151, pertains to vehicle parking.
If a vehicle meeting the criteria described in the Code is parked illegally on private property (i.e., off the street, in a driveway or parking lot), contact the City’s Code Enforcement division by dialing the City Call Center at 311 (or 645-3111).
If the vehicle is parked illegally on a public right of way (i.e., in the street or at the curb), contact Columbus Police at 645-4545.

Neighborhood Block Watch Programs Reactivated

Members of seventy-six Forest Park households (and several from neighboring
communities) took the time to attend our Block Watch meetings in January,
February and March.  As a result, our Block Watches in Forest Park
East and West are now officially reactivated and recognized by the City's
Division of Police!  Look for additional signs on streets leading into
Forest Park, putting criminals on notice that ours is a community that cares
about crime.
However, this is not the end of the Block Watch effort.  Members
of the Block Watch programs have agreed to continue to meet each month for
presentations on personal security, identity theft and other safety and
security related topics. We need to recruit many more Block Watch members
to reach our goal of one member for every five households in Forest Park.

State Issues Identity Theft Alert

The Ohio Department of Commerce's Division of Unclaimed Funds issued
an identity theft alert today to Ohio residents after receiving complaints
from residents throughout the state.
The alert warns Ohioans to be on guard if they receive a letter or telephone
call from an organization calling itself the "Department of Unclaimed Funds,"
located on West Fifth Avenue in Columbus, telephone 1-800-467-7010.
To learn about identity theft, visit the Federal Trade Commission's
Consumer Protection Web site

Call 3-1-1 for City Services

The City of Columbus 311 Call Center has a new single point of contact
to request all non-emergency City services.
Its mission is to provide access to City services and City information
with the highest possible levels of customer service. The "3-1-1" initiative
strives to help City agencies provide efficient service delivery by allowing
them to focus on their core missions, manage workloads efficiently, provide
insight into the needs of residents, and measure how well services are delivered.
AT&T Ohio (formerly SBC) local phone service subscribers can dial 3-1-1
from their home phones to reach the City Call Center. Non-AT&T subscribers
or cell phone users can call (614) 645-3111. For more information, or to
submit a Call Center service request online, visit

Do you have a copy of the latest Forest Park Directory?

Every three years, the FPCA compiles a new edition of the Forest Park Directory Its listings of Forest Park households are based on data from our new FPCA membership database.
In addition to listing Forest Park households by street and house number, the Directory includes a listing of adult residents by name; lists of frequently used phone numbers for city, county and Federal offices; local churches and schools; maps of Forest Park East and Forest Park West; and advertisements from businesses in and around Forest Park that support our community.
If you haven't received your copy yet, it can only mean one thing – you're not a member of the Civic Association!  The Directory is provided free of charge to all Forest Park households that join the Association and pay their membership dues.  So join today!

Volunteers Needed!

The Forest Park Civic Association is a strictly volunteer organization. We're always in need of interested members of the community to help plan and organize community activities, present fresh ideas for new activities and services, and help the Association grow.
We sometimes need Area Representatives for several areas to ensure full
representation on our Civic Association Board, Welcoming Committee people to welcome new neighbors, as well as volunteers to help conduct the membership Outreach Day.
If you have a few hours each month you can devote to helping us make Forest Park a stronger, better community, please consider filling out and returning a Volunteer Sheet from the Join FPCA page.