Pipeline which crosses Forest Park

Perhaps you have received a mailing from Marathon Oil Co. regarding the pipeline which crosses Forest Park.


The pipeline crosses Cleveland Avenue and runs west between Minerva Park Place and Rolling Rock Drive, continues between Blackoak Avenue and Maplewood Drive, jogs south just east of Northtowne Boulevard, then resumes going west along the north side of Northcliff Drive until it crosses Tamarack Boulevard. It then jogs south a bit before resuming a westerly path just south of Riverbirch Drive and Penworth Drive. After crossing Karl Road the pipeline runs west along the south edge of Woodward Park (N. of Fahlander Dr N) until it crosses interstate 71. You can zoom in on a map at:


Safety Information:

Use your sense of sight, sound and smell to identify a potential pipeline leak.
Signs of a potential pipeline leak include:

  • A pool of liquid on the ground
  • A rainbow sheen on water
  • Dead or discolored vegetation
  • Continuous bubbling in water
  • Dirt or water being blown into the air
  • A dense white cloud or fog
  • An unusual hissing or roaring noise
  • An unusual odor such as gasoline, oil, sulfur or a rotten egg smell
  • Energy products transported in pipelines can be odorless. Use your sense of sight and sound as well as smell to identify a potential leak.

If you suspect a pipeline leak:

  • Leave the area immediately in an upwind direction and warn others to stay away
  • If you are near a school, hospital or large business, evacuate individuals from the area immediately as outlined in your emergency response plan
  • Do not light a match, start an engine, use a cell phone or turn on/off any electrical appliances
  • Once you are a safe distance away from the potential leak, use a telephone or cell phone to call 911 and Marathon Pipe Line LLC at 1-800-537-6644
  • Do not drive into an area where you suspect a leak, and do not touch or operate pipeline valves

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