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Block Watch and Code Enforcement meetings will now precede FPCA meetings

We have made changes to our monthly meeting to become more efficient. Block Watch/Security and Code Enforcement/Development now have their own meetings preceding the FPCA meetings every month. Location is Epworth United Church at 5100 Karl Rd. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend all meetings.

Tuesday, June 13 – 6 to 6:30 pm
Block Watch/Security Meeting
Our Columbus Police Liaison officer Dan Yandrich and FPCA Supplemental Security Chair Daryl Van Mercetta will provide updates and take questions prior to the FPCA monthly meeting. Security issues will NOT be discussed at the regular FPCA meeting. If you have any concerns about crime and enforcement issues, THIS is where you get answers and make a difference.

Tuesday, June 13 – 6:30 to 7 pm
Code Enforcement/NCC Development Report
If you have any questions regarding any code issues (semi-trucks, cars parked on street, neighbor’s grass is uncut, etc.), this is the time to come and talk with the FPCA President and NCC Development Commission officers concerning those issues. You also get updates on what is being built around the neighborhood, roundabouts, street lights, speed bumps, traffic changes, etc. Code issues will NOT be discussed at the regular FPCA meeting.

Tuesday, June 13 – FPCA Monthly Meeting – All welcome!
7 to 8 pm – Epworth United Church, 5100 Karl Rd.
Get updates on community events, issues and news. Sit in and watch or get involved. Note the change in security and development reports above.