Closing Northland H.S.?! … Columbus City Schools Facility Master Plan

You may have seen a few things in the Dispatch lately about potential school closings. Some of these things suggest a possible closing of Northland High School. Other communications – not yet seen in the D – suggest one alternative would be to rebuild Northland (+Mifflin H.S.) on the site of Woodward Park Middle school. W.P.M.S. would be rebuilt on the site of N.H.S. … While it has some merits, This plan would also apparently forfeit much of Woodward Park as a community park, with fields dedicated to high school sports. … Another alternative simply closes N.H.S., sending the students to Beechcroft and Mifflin, while rebuilding W.P.M.S. on the N.H.S. site, without specifying the fate of the current W.P.M.S.

There is also a plan for Citywide Alternative Programs Options. Some of these may have a significant impact on Columbus Alternative High School, as well as other programs of interest. All plans touch on possible changes to elementary schools, including likely closure of Valley Forge E.S. (in our neighboring Karmel-Woodward Park Civic Association area).

Please plan to attend meetings scheduled to discuss the work of the Columbus City Schools Facilities Master Plan Ad Hoc Committee.

Meetings of interest include:

  • Northeast Options – including N.H.S., etc. (PDF Northeast Options)
    Monday April 18th—Columbus Global Academy @ Brookhaven HS, 6-8pm
  • Citywide Alternative Programs Options (PDF City-wide Alternative)
    Wednesday April 20th—Fort Hayes Campus, Building 110 (cafeteria), 7:30-9:30pm

Columbus City Schools: Facilities Master Plan
Facilities Master Plan Ad Hoc Committee