Forest Park Civic Association Meeting Minutes: April 13, 2021

Forest Park Civic Association Meeting

13 April 2021 – Online Zoom Meeting

Meeting called to order and Pledge of Allegiance opened the meeting @ 7:02 PM by Scott Prigan


President’s Report   Scott Prigan

Cheryl, our Treasurer, received notification of EIN from IRS. We have subsequently submitted the Form 1023 Application for 501c3 status. Now it’s just a matter of waiting. This opens the door for many grants for people in FP who are doing good work in the community.

Vice President’s Report  Ryan Finke

Absent – at hospital with his wife who is delivering twin girls.

Secretary’s Report Lou Bernard

  1. Attendance will be taken on Zoom.
  • Officers Present: SP, LB, CL, RW, DVM, SL, AR, ER, MS, EV, KG (Social Activities Chair remains vacant)
  • Officers Absent: RF, MS
  • Area Reps in Attendance:, 9, 11, and 12
  • Area Reps Absent: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14 (Areas 13, and 14 remain vacant )
  1. There is a correction to last month’s minutes. It was reported that the Forester Editor needed $70/mo. to upgrade the Microsoft license. That was corrected to $70/yr.


Treasurer’s Report  Cheryl Lutman

Note that this month we had a couple of large expenses. The first, for $275, was the fee charged by the IRS with our application for 501(c)(3) status. The second, for $204, was the renewal of our post office box.

A couple of items:

  1. Has been tasked with going through our records to determine who our paid up business members are. Sadly, after exhaustive research in both the paper and the online records, that information is not noted prior to January, 2021. Treasurer found receipt of memberships, but the name was not noted in the Treasurer’s log. When CL took over, she accepted two business memberships – Dennis Gullick with New York Life and New Horizons School. She will continue to note business members in my records so we have that information going forward. She also forwarded information on to both Sheldon and Alan.
  2. Welcome Folders:  Treas. Is looking into where we purchased them, and for how much. Also looking into the advertising in the folders.
  3. The budget is about done. Because she only has three months under her belt right now, and because 2020 was such an odd year for expenses, she is going back a couple of years to determine exactly what our budget should be. If any of the chairs for the various departments have any input, she would be happy to listen!

Public Relations Report Mary Sguerra

ABSENT-No Report

May 12th deadline to get info to Mary if you are interested in having your name in the garage sale advertising flyer.

Forester Editor’s Report  Rita Woeste

  1. Rita needs everything by Thursday.
  2. till looking for bios from Area Reps.
  3. Deadline for June Forester (membership mailing) will be May 14th.
  4. Rita will work to get copies of Forester to Business Reps.

Supplemental Security Report  Daryl Van Mercetta, Katie Van Mercetta, Scott Clinger (CPD Liaison Officer)

  1. There have been numerous people requesting vacation house checks. Please use this, it is a service we provide to FPCA members.
  2. Scott Clinger: A neighbor on Cherrywood Ct. called Channel4 and blew the story wide open. It coincided with his arrest. He is in custody. See this link for the story:
  3. Norwood Suites is under a court order for being out of code. Officer Clinger went to check info to see if they were following the court order. They are deficient. The city attorney is working on this. The suspect in the murder was apprehended. The panhandler issue seems to be worsening. A tarp was set up at the exit, Officer Clinger will contact ODOT about this. Bike patrols are starting up again. Wave hi as they go by. July 1st is the deadline to get your driver’s license and expired dags under the COVID rules.

Business Representative  Sheridan Landin –  Alan Ray –

  1. 2 new business members.
  2. Working with Joel Kin on advertising for the business members.


Welcome Committee Chair  Ellin Ray – eclaire1226@gmail.comStill has Welcome Folders for these areas 1, 2, 5, 6, 8,11,12, and 13. We are looking for the area Reps to contact Ellin to pick up the Folders to distribute them.

Volunteer Coordinator Mike Stone

  1. Welcome to Glenda Wylder (New Area 3 Rep)
  2. Discussed the Membership Drive: dates, volunteer sign ups, etc. If you are interested in helping, contact Mike Stone.

Social Activities Report Position is Vacant

If you are interested please contact Mike Stone

NCC Representative  Ken Gilbert

  1. Ken Gilbert has been appointed as the new representative to the Northland Community Council.
  2. The Karl Rd. Library is open, and also has many online resources.Graffiti on the Morse Rd. has been directed to the police. If you see graffiti, please report it (614) 645-4545.The city attorney is keeping an eye on the local hotels in the area to make sure they are adhering to code.
  3. 25 volunteers helped out with the 161 Clean up. Future dates are on the FPCA website calendar.
  4. Councilman Remy discussed the plans to divide the council up into districts.

NCC Development Representative Ed Vanasdale Dave Paul

  1. 2 cases: A FP neighbor wanted to increase her numbers in her home-based day care. Variance was denied due to issues of the site ; New shopping area on Hamilton Rd.-it was a graphics case.
  2. The old library will close in mid-May to move books over. The old library will be demolished in June. The new library will open in September.

Website Administrator Scott Prigan is the site. Check it out for updates.

Old Business  Scott Prigan

Ken Gilbert has taken over the role of NCC Rep. NCC was notified of the change.

New Business  Scott Prigan


8:45 adjourned