Forest Park Civic Association Meeting Minutes: January 10, 2023

Forest Park Civic Association Meeting

January 10, 2023 (condensed notes, secretary not present)

Pledge allegiance 7:32pm 

Roll call Not here – secretary, past president, welcome committee chair, forest park east Reps 6,8,10 

NOTE: At this meeting, the Community Shelter Board presented its ideas on taking over the old hotel on 1289 E Dublin Granville Rd. location. More info on page 1 of this edition.

  1. President made the group aware that the presentation today is special and there is a joint meeting. Questions will be after the presentation and normal business will be after presentation 
  2. Lianna Carter director at Community shelter board Partner agencies are present as well. Conversation is about 1289 E Dublin Granville rd. Location. Presentation is provided and will be attached. 
  3. Discussion was had from 8pm -9pm 
  4. Normal business of the FPCA was tabled to the next meeting. 

Motion To adjourn by Ken Gilbert, seconded by Cheryl Lutman at 9:06pm