Forest Park Civic Association Meeting Minutes: November 8, 2022

Forest Park Civic Association Meeting

Date: 8 November 2022

Location: Epworth United Methodist Church

Meeting called to order @ 7:05 PM by Ed Vanasdale 

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Attendance was taken via role call.


President’s Report   Ed Vanasdale –

1. Guest Speaker:  311 Customer Service Center      Carmen Duckens (311 Service Manager). There are 24 people on staff. Even though they have a phone app and computer website, you can still call in and talk to a live person M-F, 7 am-6 pm. Carmen discussed and answered many of the issues and questions that the residents who were in attendance had. Her presentation walked everyone through how to submit a service request.

2. We received word from the IRS admitting that they made a mistake by revoking our 501(c)(3), and they have reinstated us!! Yay!

3.The December 13th meeting will be held at Fujiyama’s for representatives, committee chairs, and officers only. An Evite will be sent out this week for people to RSVP to.

Vice President’s Report  Trevor Secord –  No Report

Secretary’s Report Lou Bernard –

  1. Attendance:
  • Officers/Committee Chairs Present: EV, TS, LB, CL, MS, RW, DVM, KVM, SL, AR, MB, SB, MS, KG, DP
  • Officers/Committee Chairs Absent: FQ, ER
  • Area Reps in Attendance: 2, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12
  • Area Reps Absent: 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 13, 14 (Areas 4, 13, and 14 remain vacant )

Treasurer’s Report  Cheryl Lutman –

  1. We received 21 new household memberships and our first business membership of this budget year – thank you Toro Meats! Revenues for the other areas are as noted, and are in line with expectations. We remain short of our budget for household memberships and need about 130 more households to join in as of 10/31. We understand, however, we may be getting two more business memberships – to those organizations, we say “thank you”!
  2. All our PayPal fees were covered this month, and thank you to those folks for being kind enough to do that.
  3. We had no expenses for the month – well, we did – the checks just didn’t clear until early November. So there will be some doubling on the November report.

Public Relations Report Mary Sguerra –  No Report

Forester Editor’s Report  Rita Woeste –

  1. We need all articles by Friday November 11th,  The December Forester needs to be at the printer on Monday Nov 14, early morning. Please help out and get articles, photos and ADs to Rita by Friday. Would love some articles with Christmas spirit, get it to Rita ASAP. Remember the January Forester is ONLINE only, so she will put it together later in December and will email out reminders.  
  2. At the end of this Month, November 2022, Joel Kin, will be stepping down as AD/business caretaker for the Forester.  Joel is happy to help guide whoever will take the job over. Will connect with him to get the basics of what the job requires.  
  3. New idea for this Forester to work on getting more memberships. Rita is working with Marty Biggs at getting some gift cards from businesses and then in 2 of the Foresters for December, we will put in surprise tickets that the owner who finds them will have to present to FPCA editor for the prize. If the person is a FPCA member they will get double the prize and if not a member, they will be encouraged to join with a membership attached to their prize. 
  4. Update on delivery folks:  Thanks to Lou, Mary & Daryl, with phone calls and leads they gave Rita, she believes she has all areas covered with delivery folks except that small group of homes in area 14, (Coghill, Judwick, Lyle & Dandridge, total of 45 homes). She has 3 folks helping her deliver to the 55+ delivery folks, but could use one more to help cover 10 houses of delivery folks in FP East, areas 6 & 7. She still wants to connect with all delivery folks to make sure they are delivering and to answer any questions. 

Supplemental Security Report  Daryl Van Mercetta –

  Katie Van Mercetta – Dan Yandrich (CPD Liaison Officer) – 614.645.1418  No Report

Business Representative  Sheridan Landin – 

    Alan Ray – Marty Biggs –

  1. A Business Membership was secured from Toro Meat Market! They are also interested in doing some advertising and would like to be added to the distribution list of The Forester
  2. Marty reached out to and confirmed with Krieger Ford and Jonathan Allen Landscaping that they would like to be Business Members for the 2023 year. She will follow up on collection of funds for those memberships. She dropped off paper applications to Gabby’s and Donato’s and will do the needful to get those businesses on board for the 2023 membership drive. 
  3. Marty either called or emailed all of the Business Members listed in The Forester (except those in current good standing with their memberships). She is awaiting call backs/emails from them. She will continue to gently nudge them along to support the civic association and all of its wonderful deeds.
  4. Marty is also looking into securing new businesses for memberships for the 2023 year. The first attempt was Massey’s Pizza on Rt. 161. An email was sent to the owner. 


Welcome Committee Chair Ellin Ray – ABSENT No Report

Volunteer Coordinator Scott Biggs –

Volunteer of the Month: Ken Gilbert: Current NCC Rep, past president, past vice president, Area 3 Rep, Block Watch organizer, and many more. Thank you Ken for your many years of service to the FPCA. 

Social Activities Report Vacant  No Report

NCC Representative  Ken Gilbert –

NCC Development Representative Ed Vanasdale – 

       Dave Paul – 

  1. Good News: The M-Star Motel (the old Knight’s Inn) will not be turned into micro apartments. The NCC Dec Committee successfully defeated the developer’s intentions to bring this to our neighborhood (they were NOT affordable housing $850/mo. for 650 sq.ft. under 300 sq.ft.).
  2. There were 5 cases heard, only 4 are close to Forest Park.
  • Case #1 Application to accommodate a driveway expansion from 20′ to 29′ 2′′, and to reduce the parking setback from 25′ to 0′ from ROW to allow parking of vehicles on the driveway expansion at 2978 Wallcrest Blvd, 43231 • The Committee approved (17-0) a motion to TABLE the application.
  • Case #2 Application to permit construction of an automatic car wash at 990 E Dublin Granville Rd, 43229 • The Committee approved (17-0) the application.
  • Case #3 Application for the construction and maintenance of an outside automobile storage lot for excess inventory associated with the dealership at 1888 Morse Road; 1769 E Dublin Granville Rd, 43229 • The Committee approved with conditions.
  • Case #4 Application to permit the construction of a multifamily affordable senior independent living facility, number of units and site plan TBD; 5860 Roche Dr, 43229 • The Committee approved (14-2 w/ 1 abstention) a motion to recommend disapproval of the application.

Website Administrator Dave Paul –  Scott Biggs –   No Report



  1. Mary Sguerra suggested an idea of creating a door knob placard that lists compliments and/or suggestions that area reps may have and distribute in their areas to neighbors. The idea will be discussed with the board members to see how and if to proceed.
  2. The December 13th meeting will be held at Fujiyama’s for representatives, committee chairs, and officers only. An Evite will be sent out this week for people to RSVP to.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM

Minutes submitted by Lou Bernard, Secretary, FPCA