Forest Park Civic Association Meeting Minutes: November 11, 2020

FPCA Meeting 11-10-2020 (via ZOOM)

President’s Report   Felix Quachey –

  1. 7:01 meeting called to order. Pledge of Allegiance was said.
  2. The Hazelwood property is boarded up. The court case is currently in progress. The court date has not been set yet. For now the house is vacant. 
  3. Felix Q. will not be seeking another term as President of FPCA. We are looking for volunteers to run for his position.
  4. Dan H. is stepping down from being treasurer of FPCA after many years. We are looking for a volunteer to step up, and Dan will be helping you to walk you through the process! Thank you so much Dan!!
Vice President’s Report  Scott Prigan –

  1. 501(c)(3) status update: We have not rec’d any info from the feds. IRS is a bit slow! When we receive any info, we will pass it along to you.
Secretary’s Report  Lou Bernard –

  1. Attendance will be taken via Participant’s List.
    1. Officers and Committee Chairs in Attendance: FQ, SP, DH, LB, RW, MS, DVM, MS, and SL. 
    2. Officers and Committee Chairs Absent: EV, AR, PW, and ER
    3. Area Representatives in attendance: 11, 12
    4. Area Representatives Absent: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,13, 14
  2. Minutes from last month have been approved. If there are any corrections to the minutes, please submit any corrections to Lou.
  3. 18 people showed up for this month’s Zoom meeting.
Treasurer’s Report  Dan Hartzell –

  1. $275 in membership dues! We are +3 memberships from this time last year!
  2. We are ahead of budget this year, due to not publishing The Forester for 3 months. 
  3. The budget was accepted and passed. See budget in this month’s Forester. 
Public Relations Officer’s Report  Mary Sguerra –

  1. Not a whole lot going on. There have been a few complaints. Nothing too significant, though.
  2. It was suggested that since there is a Forest Park “Buy and Sell” page on Facebook,maybe use this as a resource to advertise for future Yard Sales. Mary will look into it.
Forester Editor’s Report   Rita Woeste –

  1. All articles are due this Friday for the Dec. Forester
  2. We have 1 new business ad coming, and a possible other one on the way.
  3. The January issue is always published online. Articles for January The Forester need to be sent to Rita by the end of November.
  4. Mike Stone will be putting in a list of officers into The Forester and write an article about looking for the open positions.
  5. Thanks to all people who are writing articles.
Supplemental Security Officer’s Report  Daryl Van Mercetta – , Katie Van Mercetta – 

  1. Not many of anything to report. They have been making patrols, a few vacation requests.
  2. Please don’t burn your leaves. There have been numerous reports about people in FP that are burning their leaves. This is against city code!
Business Representative’s Report  Sheridan Landin – , Alan Ray – Absent

  1. Sheridan went around to about 6 more businesses, and continues to return to other businesses with whom he has already made contact. He is making good contacts with the local business owners. Hoping the business memberships pick up. If you have a local business and would like to advertise in The Forester, please contact Sheridan or Alan.
  2. He is concerned that the new business members are not listed in the Forester. We need to have an updated list from the Treasurer to The Forester Editor to get their names in the edition. 
Welcome Committee Chair’s Report  Ellin Ray – Absent

  1. We will be putting Welcome Folders together for all new homeowners since the Covid-19 shutdown began in March. We will be asking for volunteers to deliver the folders. There will be no face to face contact, the plan is to drop them off inside the front door. Look for the Welcome folders in December, it will take a little time to get them all ready.
Volunteer Coordinator’s Report  Mike Stone –

  1. Mike is looking for info about a contact in the Nepali/Bhutanese community. Dave Paul shared info from NCC.
  2. Welcome to Ryan Finke, the new Area 3 representative! Thanks for stepping up!
  3. Have not rec’d any request for the senior mask and flashlight distribution program. Mike has rec’d requests for more masks from seniors in the area.
  4. In Dec., Mike will be holding a meeting looking for people to fill the new vacancy of President and Treasurer (Dan has been in the position for 11 years!)
  5. We are looking to find people who can be the contact person to neighbors who speak other languages. If you are willing to be a contact/write/translate articles, please contact Mike.
Social Activities Chair’s Report  Pam Weaver –  Absent

  1. No report. 
NCC Representative’s Report  Scott Prigan –

  1. There is no Dec. NCC meeting.
  2. There has been an increase in business start ups in the Northland area.
  3. There will be a social worker attending police runs that need a mental health expert. See an article at:
  4. Elevate Northland is close to finding a place to establish an office in the area.
NCC Development Representative’s Report  Ed Vanasdale – Absent, Presented by Dave Paul

  1. 2 cases at the committee, but neither are in the immediate area.
  2. 8 cases on Dec. agenda. 3 important to the FP area. 1) The Sheetz plan for the old Walgreens facility on 161 is moving ahead as planned; 2) Nat’l Church Residence is creating a new place on Cleveland Ave.; 3) the self-storage place that replaced the old Giant Eagle is applying to get a new sign to replace the very tall GE sign.
  3. The guy who is occupying the old car wash in Tamarack Cr. is still doing business. He has not rec’d proper zoning. There is a code enforcement complaint out. Dave will push for action on this.
Website Administrator’ Report  Scott Prigan –

  1. New pics in the gallery, please go to the site and check them out!
Old Business  Felix Quachey –

  1. Forest Park Signs: is there a report for cost estimate? We have started work on looking into getting them redone. We have started getting estimates for the signs. We have had a local person in the neighborhood who is in the sign business made contact with the team. We will continue to keep you informed.
New Business  Felix Quachey –

  1. Dec. meeting is usually a get together in the Pres. home. This is not going to happen. Therefore, we will have a Dec. meeting.
  2. 8:27 meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Lou Bernard, FPCA Secretary