Jan 20, 2015 Block Watch meeting on Nuisance Abatement

Whether or not you were able to attend the Jan 20, 2015 Block Watch Coordinators meeting which was open to all, here is some more information.

The information package supplied by Officers Scott Clinger and Larry Geis included three parts:

  1. License information and ORC change contains the most important thing: the Proposed changes to state law regarding Nuisances — as well as info about the licensure of a couple of problem motels.
  2. Inspection Report describes same problem properties, revealing the “worst hotels” inspector ever saw.
  3. Inspection Photo Report graphically illustrates the same.

# 1 is most important because it shows a course of action we can take, along with allies in other parts of Columbus and other municipalities throughout Ohio. A simple change in the law to include “offenses of violence, as defined by Section 2901.01 of the Ohio Revised Code” as part of the definition of “Nuisance” in Section 3767.01 would give authorities a means to act on cases where repeated violence occurs at problem properties.